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I met her on the cusp of autumn: I met her though I didn’t yet know it, pressed between the pages of a graveyard. astride her half-brother - it is all halves with her – she was death itself and colourless, but still had the glow of mother warmth not yet the harsh of snow.

iii I first recognised her in spring: the subject of arrogant fear, death clutched in her withered fingers but still with the innocence of the child she is. a child like my younger self, inward-turning, outward-wanting. my instinct was protect, protect, but what could I do? innocence is impossible to shield, I know so.

ii so many depict her in winter: the hardened battle general, leading her dead troops against the ones who condemned her. who imprisoned her father. who chained her wolf-brother. who threw her snake-sibling into the sea. they see her only in glacial rage, no thought of who she is beyond black-and-white life-and-death.

i she is not often viewed in the summer sun. perhaps she was made to autumn too quick for the sun to make its mark upon her. perhaps her summer has been suppressed by too long spent in the winter death which she calls home. perhaps when she winters harshest at the end of this era and the creation of the next, when she wars against those who took her summer she can push through the blizzard and come out into a new summer of her own. and perhaps then I can too.

ive decided penny parker and patrick gill are the only gamers that exist

some pin designs :)

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waterfall alignment chart

tag yourself i'm dirt ace

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hey nintendo? what the fuck

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threw that number in a height comparision and nintendo??

what the fuck

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all hail the GIANT fish

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local first officer has a crush on the ships doctor but wont admit it (please rb this one instead)

wish i had a partner so i could cup their face in my hands and gently pull them towards me to kiss them

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brown eyes are so fucking cute

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ok so my journey with my sexuality is basically a loop of realizing im bi, doubting it and thinking im something else, repeat, but boy right now i am VERY bi

why would you talk about how shitty k*lvin g*rrah and bl*ire wh*te are when you could be watching cool trans ppl like ty turner or penny parker who are just here to have a good time

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was anybody else with undiagnosed mental illnesses as a child convinced that they were actually an alien and that at some point the other aliens would come back for them or was that just me

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no but i wish i could be taken back by the fae

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okay but why is this deodorant stock picture so disturbing


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on the topic of stardew valley....... i was just thinking abt how in abigail's ten heart scene if your character is a girl she says something like "i never thought i could feel this way about another girl..." which i find highly unlikely given that abigail looks like this

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HARVEY IS GREAT WTH. I think I just like........ soft

IM SOWWY he ok..... he just seems like he eats plain oatmeal to me 👋😔👊 i haven't really interacted with him as much as most of the others though so Perhaps

also ur valid, i like the hashtag quirky romantic ones the best but soft is also very good,,

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You gotta do a penny run penny is my beloved favorite

penny is a Cutie for sure....... ill probably romance either her or leah next

i just made a new stardew save after not playing for months....... wanted to romance elliot but my first character kasey was a lesbian and she was already happy with abigail

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broke: juice cleanse

woke: epically draining all the mucus out of your face by eating spicy thai instant ramen from the asian grocery store

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or drinking soup bullion with lots of cayenne in it

i was talking about splatoon with my siblings and now my 14 year old brother is ranting about how communism works on a small scale but he's ultimately against it when applied to a country

me: oh haha even though my parents are programmers im not that good with computers

me: i wanted to hear prince sidon's non-cutscene voice clips from botw so i found all the botw sound effects on a sound resource forum and dug through the folders until i found sidon under "miscellaneous voices (english)" with file names like NV_Custom_Shido_CustomRestart0400.wav and i did all this specifically so i could hear isolated clips of him saying "i'll always save you!" because i love it

nyall remember fancy pants adventures


ive been feeling queasy all day and i didn't try to eat until noon at which point i got two bites into half a peanut butter sandwich and literally gagged on it so that's a lost cause i guess

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https://picrew.me/image_maker/98926 skin tones:

  • 11 nose shapes

  • lots of hair styles

  • pride outfits

  • lots of glasses shapes

  • pride backgrounds, lgbt nonbinary pan and ace

  • there are homestuck outfits im sorry

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+ homestuck version >:3c

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epic gamer version (i considered the creeper shirt bc i literally owned that exact shirt as a child but i ultimately went with referencing the funny youtube man)

good morning geek and gamer items last night i fell asleep on the couch andf then woke up and went back to sleep on a different couch