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fox | 19 | ze/zem/zir or they/them/their | pretty good at mario kart

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jonah -

hey nintendo? what the fuck

jonah -

threw that number in a height comparision and nintendo??

what the fuck

babushka -

all hail the GIANT fish

i just tapped a button i didn't mean to in pocket camp and accidentally spent half my leaf tickets which was not very cash money of me

what's up gamers

so i saw a lot of ppl doing intro posts so uhh hey my name is fox. i'm an aspiring comic writer, i draw sometimes, and im just here to have a good time. i was an invader zim kid and it shows.

i'm 19 years old, chaotic good, autistic, agender (stellarian), bisexual, and very cool. my pronouns are ze/zem/zir/zemself, though for convenience's sake i also use they/them.

my interests include:

  • space

  • birds

  • baking

  • comics (especially dc but im always up for a good indie graphic novel)

  • nintendo as a whole, though my favorites are animal crossing and zelda

  • minecraft

  • d&d

  • the adventure zone and other mcelroy media (+ polygon stuff)

im not sure how much i'll use this site but we'll find out together babey. my instagram (which im relatively active on) is @/foxrockit