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HARVEY IS GREAT WTH. I think I just like........ soft

IM SOWWY he ok..... he just seems like he eats plain oatmeal to me 👋😔👊 i haven't really interacted with him as much as most of the others though so Perhaps

also ur valid, i like the hashtag quirky romantic ones the best but soft is also very good,,

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You gotta do a penny run penny is my beloved favorite

penny is a Cutie for sure....... ill probably romance either her or leah next

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tbh I've suspected I might be autistic for a long time but I dont think I have the social aspects that everyone describes and with adhd and anxiety it's hard to tell what is symptoms of those vs what is potentially autism? Also I've just got enough going on as it is that I'm kind of too scared to really look into it ya know

i know what you mean, my family has both autism and adhd in it and the two get confused Often due to the amount of traits the two have in common. but my mom has autism without any of the social difficulty traits so like?? it's possible

i kinda think of autism spectrum traits as like. a salad bar. like it's the same wide array of different things but in different combos depending on the person u know?

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My username on fallen London is Vox Kailana!

hell yeah!!! sent a calling card!! :3